15 Miles!

I ran 15 miles this morning! It was a good run. Why? Because I finished feeling good and not like I was going to faint or throw-up! The first thing I did when I finished my run was throw the ball for my dog, Zoe - something I've been too tired to do at the end of my runs lately. Then I stretched, dried off, took a mostly cold shower (hope that's at least slightly similar to taking an ice bath) and drank some chocolate milk.

Something different I did today was to drink smaller amounts of water at a time, but more often than usual. Drinking this way helped me not to feel too full. I took a Powerbar gel after miles 4 and 9.

After mile 8, I took a five minute break at my house and changed into dry clothes while eating some pretzels. They tasted good, but my mouth tasted a little salty and I was glad I took a gel soon after that.

After mile 12, I ate a couple of pretels and fig newton cookies and suddenly knew that was a bad choice - I was too full.

At the 13.71 mile point, the sun came out after partly cloudy skies with a little rain and suddenly I felt like I couldn't run anymore. I walked a little, stretched and got a drink. I was close to a corner and thought that would be a good place to start running again. Yep! It was.

I felt better after my short break. In fact, when I realized I only had about a mile to go, I felt good enough to speed up. Wahoo! Then my putt-putt got faster. (You know how you may feel fast, but when you're tired you're not really going as fast as you feel you are?!)

At the 14.8 mile point, I raced to the end - smiling. : )

The temperature felt like 74 degrees at the start and 92 degrees at the end.

Here are the mile splits- 10:10, 10:08, 9:54, 9:54, 9:47, 9:53, 9:36, 9:51, 9:55, 9:43, 10:01, 10:06, 9:40, 10:04, and 9:34 with a 9:53/mi. average.

Posted later at 9:23 PM: Since my husband was going to the park to run, I wanted to go, too. I wore my running clothes just in case I felt like a short run and I felt like it. I ran 1.3 miles at a 10:41 pace. There was a breeze and it was a nice evening for a very short run. And now... I think I'm done running for the day!


  1. That is one thing I definitely cannot do. If I take a step in the house, then I'm mentally done with running for the day.

    I don't even want to think about 15 miles in this weather!

  2. What a great run! You had some really fast miles at the end.

    Race directing? It's fun, but tough. About a million little details. I had a good committee and was able to delegate some things. The best part was choosing a charity to donate money to. Planning the course, start, finish line, water stop, t-shirts, registration, food/drink afterwards, etc., was time consuming but so neat to see the other side! Now I know all the behind the scenes work that goes into one! The hardest part was selecting a date/location.

    We had a 5K with over 100 people and a one-mile fun run with about 100 (some did both) adults and children. It was funny--way more adults than children did the fun run.

  3. Barbara-
    The air conditioning did feel very, very nice inside. I didn't think about it at the time, but it was a short break from the heat. I hope I wasn't cheating!!!


    Race directing sounds like a lot of work, but worth it. I'm surprised that choosing the date and location was the hardest part. Thanks for sharing!


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