Blueberry Cereal Dinner

I took a complete rest from hard exercise yesterday. It's hard to say if I'm better for it or not. Maybe it's not something you'd notice right away or maybe it's not really necessary for me.

I started my ten mile run a little late (7am) this morning - I wanted to wait until the fog lifted. I drank too many sweet drinks (Gatorade and Powerbar electrolyte powder you mix with water) and I felt way too full from mile 7 onward. I had to stop and walk a few times.

Seeing the numbers on my Garmin when I got home made me feel better, though. Here are my mile splits: 9:50, 9:39, 9:22, 9:12, 9:13, 9:12, 9:20, 9:24 (the last 6 miles average 9:17), 10:10, 10:39 with an average pace of 9:36/mi.

Last night, we had cereal for dinner - kind of unusual for us. Before our daughter went away to college, I usually had our dinners planned out a week ahead. Nowadays, it's not unusual to wait until my husband gets home from work to see what he feels like eating before I make something.

My husband had Cheerios and a banana, which is good, but I had one of my favorite cereal combinations. I warmed up some frozen blueberries and poured some vanilla yogurt, oats (uncooked), milk, almonds and granola into the bowl with the berries.

I hope you have a nice weekend!


  1. Those are great splits! I haven't tried the Powerbar powder yet.

    I think you may not notice the benefits of taking a day off, but your body will appreciate it and you'll lower the risk of overtraining!

    Did it feel a little good mentally to take a little break from exercise? Or did you miss it?

  2. Thanks!

    I like to take a day off from running each week, but I don't mind doing other kinds of exercising on my "running rest days". The other stuff I do just isn't that stressful on me, I guess.

    I didn't feel bad about my day off, but sometimes it makes it hard to post on my running blog when I don't run!

  3. I'm not in the mood to run this morning. I keep silently wishing for some lightning like we had yesterday. What's up with that?

    We had breakfast food for dinner all the time when I was growing up (then again, we also had rice for breakfast!).

  4. It's a little humid out there, but I'm going to go for a short run as soon as my running buddy wakes up. Hope you made it out today already - before the sun was shining - that makes it worse.

  5. I know this is a few days after you had cereal for supper but I just had some steel-cut oats with blueberries and yogurt!

    I hope you ran this morning... it was AWESOME weather!! I'm typing this on Monday, by the way = )

    Would you and DH like to come up here on Saturday for an Olympic Men's Marathon watching party?

    Petey will be home and John and Faithy will come too...we could have pizza or I could make some kind of pasta or something.

    Let me know if ya'll are available!

  6. Pony-

    That's a good meal! I should have that tomorrow for breakfast.

    We didn't get the nice weather down here until this afternoon. :(

    A marathon watching party sounds great! I just emailed you about it.

  7. Pony-

    My email to you didn't make it- undeliverable. Will you email me?


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