Forty-one Degrees is Best

What's the best temperature for running a marathon? According to one study, it's forty-one degrees. That's good news for me! That's about what it should be in Seattle when I run the marathon. (Click on my post title for today if you want to read Matt Fitzgerald's article on running marathons in cold weather.)

I ran eight miles on the treadmill this morning with some hills included in my run. I know I wrote that I wasn't going to do any hillwork this week, but I thought the hills would make the run on the treadmill more interesting. It's easy to get bored while running on the treadmill if you don't do some speedwork or hillwork.

After a warm-up, I added some easy hills (1.5-2.5 % incline) to my flat (1%) run for about three or four miles while keeping my pace steady. (I didn't run up hills the whole time. I took 1% incline breaks.) Then I increased my speed a little, but went back down to 1% incline, and ran a mile before I brought my pace back down for a cool-down.

Pre-run: English muffin with honey
Post-run: Half of a chicken sandwich and cole slaw (dinner leftovers)


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