Gatorade Endurance

I ran 8.3 miles this morning. After running four miles, I had planned to come home for a drink, but not to race home. Unfortunately, I had to get home fast because of the new drink I tried, Gatorade Endurance (more sodium than the regular Gatorade). It tasted a little saltier (nothing to complain about) and I didn't think there was a problem until about 15 minutes after drinking it when I suddenly needed to use the restroom. Since the new drink is the only change today, I think that was the problem.

Why am I drinking Gatorade Endurance? That's what they offer at the Seattle marathon where I hope to beat my time of 3:54 (Houston marathon in January '08). I think it will be fastest to drink what they offer at the marathon rather than drink water and eat gels that I carry, which is what I'll do if I don't get used to the new drink. (For my local running friends, they give out Gatorade Endurance at the Houston marathon, too. See the sponsor page to read about it.) Over the next few months, I'll try to get used to Gatorade Endurance. Any advice for getting used to it?

Today's mile splits (average pace for each mile in minutes per mile) were: 9:40, 9:14, 9:09, 8:59 (racing home!), 9:17, 9:08, 9:03, 9:28, and an extra 1/3 of a mile at 9:23/mi. because I read my Garmin wrong. My average pace was 9:15/mi. It felt like 81 degrees when I finished.

Update: I don't think it was the Gatorade Endurance that caused my trouble after all.


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