Gotta Plan?

I'm going to use the 24 week/55 mile marathon training plan from Advanced Marathoning (1st edition) by Pfitzinger and Douglas, but I'm going to personalize it. I've penciled in next month's miles in my running journal (a planner I bought at Walmart for $4).

I did some warm-up stetching and then I took off for my eight mile run. I ran two miles away from home (in the second mile I ran five sprints with recovery jogs) and raced two miles back, trying to keep the pace fast all of the way. I stopped at home for a couple of minutes to stretch, get a drink and to wipe my sweaty face with a towel - the best part of the rest-stop. I ran an easy mile and then I tried to pick up the pace slightly for two miles before I ran a cool down mile.

After the run, I went shopping and an older shopper saw me loading my car with mulch and offered to help. I didn't take him up on the offer, but that was very kind! Do you know how heavy those bags are?! I think I've bought enough food to keep us fed through Edouard. If nothing comes of this tropical storm, I've got plenty of peanut butter to share!

Today's splits- 10:05, 10:18, 8:14, 7:50 (mile 3 & 4 average is 8:02 and my goal was 8:00 - close enough), 10:03, 9:29, 9:25, 10:03
~Gotta Run Now


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