Run Around the Lake & the Mall

When I stepped outside this morning, the humidity felt so heavy that I worried about running in it, but I had a great run today. My husband and I drove to the park and I ran 2 1/2 miles on the crushed granite path around the lake. The sun was shining and my face was pouring sweat, but the people I passed were smiling and I felt pretty good - running felt easy (9:22/mi).

Then we drove to a hill, which was a parking garage ramp at the mall. The clouds rolled in and it seemed cooler. I ran up and down the hill four times, running the last loop the fastest, I think (I didn't use my Garmin to keep track of my pace). It took six minutes. I actually had fun doing this hillwork.

To finish up, I ran up and down the white tile sidewalks (they felt kind of cushiony) in front of the stores at the mall. Looking in the stores, seeing the shoppers and smelling the food from the restaurants was a good distraction and before I knew it, I had run another mile (9:19/mi). What a fun run!

Later, I completed a half hour work-out with weight work, planks, push-ups, etc.


  1. That's some workout variety you had going on there---from running at the lake to the mall to planks and push ups!

    I bet you feel awesome tonight!

  2. Yeah, I feel great and I think I'll sleep well tonight!


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