Ten Today

I ran ten miles today at a 9:35/mile overall pace. The last mile was nearly impossible to finish, but now that it's over it doesn't seem so bad. How quickly I forget!

Mile splits- 10:04, 9:41, 9:36, 9:28, 9:08, 9:19, 9:14, 9:22, 9:53, 10:07

In the last mile, I had to stop my Garmin and walk for a little bit. Then when I turned it back on, it didn't seem like it was working. It was, but I had to watch it and make sure the distance was changing. How long can it take to finish a mile? It seemed like forever.


  1. Tina, are you training for a fall marathon? I ran 6 and that was plenty enough for me!

  2. Hi Barbara!

    I'm training for the January Houston marathon. I'm trying to get in more miles this time around. Hoping that will make me a better runner.


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