20 Mile Run

Hurricane Ike hit our house Friday - especially our roof. I just hope our neighborhood gives out a prize for the house covered with the most tarp! We have running water and electricity now and that's very good. I found some milk at the store yesterday and sometimes the gas stations near our house have gas. It will be a while before things are back to normal.

I had to skip a few runs because of Hurricane Ike, but I ran twenty miles yesterday - sometimes tip-toeing through the tree branches on the street. I ran the second half faster than the first half with the last five miles the fastest. The combination of the cool weather and the company I had for a little while made the long run easier than usual. The average pace for the whole run was 9:22/mile.


  1. WOW!I'm sorry you had to endure the hardship of a hurricane, but look how well you ran! I wonder if it was also a bit of adrenalin from the storm and seeing all the debri ... (plus the cooler weather and your running buddy). Congrats on your second half running quicker than your first half.

  2. Thanks, but everything ended up working out okay. My husband actually thinks it was an adventure, but I could have lived without that adventure and would have been a happy camper!


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