Seven Fast Ones

Today's running goal: run 15 miles with 8 miles at marathon pace, which is 8:35/mi. for a 3 hour and 45 minute marathon finish (my goal).

The first seven miles, I averaged a 9:37/mi. pace. Then in mile 8, I purposely sped up - trying for 8:35, but I ran it at 9:06. It was windy, but I doubt that was my major problem. It's just kind of hard for me to go from 9:37 to 8:35, but not to worry because...

I did speed up later. I finished mile 9 with an 8:35 average. That's the goal pace! The last seven miles, I averaged an 8:36 pace.

In the last mile, I even slowed down for a neighbor to tell me a joke. He was walking down the street and I had run by him and his wife about a half hour before. Here's the conversation:

"I just saw your sister over there," the neighbor told me as he pointed down the street.

"What?" I took my headphones out of my ears and slowed down.

He repeated the joke. I laughed. When I got home and some of the blood rushed to my brain again, I figured out the joke. ; ) And just in case you need a clue: I was the only runner out there. Even with the chat time, it was still one of my fastest miles (8:32 pace).

Pre-run: Rice Krispies (not exactly the breakfast of champions) and a banana
During run: Gatorade Endurance
Post-run: chocolate milk

In hurricane news: I found out that tarp doesn't completely protect your house from the rain so I have a bucket sitting on my dining room table to catch the leaks. But, grocery stores have ice cream and gas stations have gas. So there's bad and there's good. I'm focusing on the good.

Seven miles at 8:36/mi.! Powered by the breakfast of Snap, Crackle & Pop and monkeys. ; )


  1. I thought about you on my long run yesterday...prayed for you actually... that your training is going well and if it's God's will, that you will BQ!

    I hope it's God's will = ))

    Good job on your MP miles...that is totally AWESOME!! Isn't the cooler weather nice???

  2. Yes, the nice weather is wonderful. Thank you for the prayers and good wishes!


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