Ten Today with Hills

I ran nine miles on the crushed granite trail at the park. The loop around the lake is a little over a mile long, so I went around and around and around keeping a countdown in my head of the number of loops I had left to run. There was a cool breeze at one end of the lake. Unbelievable!

My splits at the park went like this: 10:06, 9:45, 9:40, 9:38, 9:35, 9:24, 9:21, 9:16 (I like the way my numbers came down) and then 9:39. Oh well! Time to cool down, I guess. Ave. pace: 9:36.

Then I drove to the parking garage where I wanted to work on hill work. (Closest hills for me - we live near Houston.) As soon as I started running up the ramp, I felt tired. You know - like I just ran nine miles. But won't I be tired when I get to the hills in the marathon? So, unless I can't walk tomorrow (!), I think it's good preparation. After going up the ramp the first time, it got a little easier and it was a good change from just running on a level path. I ran up and down the ramp for one mile - no racing up the hills today.


  1. You are Wonder Woman!

    Faithy and I may do our long run together on Monday...she's going to try 10 miles for the first time!

  2. Wonder Woman?! Ha! Ha!

    I hope you get to run together. That will make it a little easier for her. Running your first ten miles is quite an accomplishment. : )


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