Week 13 of Pfitzinger 18/55 Plan

This morning, after eating some Raisin Bran and doing some pre-run exercises, I ran two miles to warm up and came home for a drink and a drill. I did the Russian Dance drill where you kick straight legs ahead of you and run, sort of. ; )

I got another drink and then I took off for my four half-marathon pace miles, hoping for 8:30/mi. or faster becasue I ran my last half-marathon at an 8:29/mi. pace. The first mile, when I saw that my pace was sticking around 8:35, I figured I'd just have to be happy with that and hope I could keep with that pace for four miles. After about a half mile, I felt better, and was able to average that first mile at an 8:31/mi. pace.

In the second mile, I saw the dog named Angel. Saturday, her owner (a lady) yelled out to her, "Angel, don't chase the lady down the street. You're scaring her!" Today the dog came barking down her driveway and into the street, while her other owner (a man) ignored her - he continued to trim his bushes. I ran that mile in 8:14/mi.

By the third mile, I was tired, of course. I had to run back by the loose dog, whose owner ignored her again. I'm starting to get used to the dog now, though. This time I didn't speed up from fear when she chased me, but that wasn't good for my pace which was 8:26 that time. It's okay, but it's not 8:14.

In my last and fourth fast mile, I was able to speed up and that average for the mile was 8:08. I was feeling pretty tired, but I did a countdown by tenths of a mile as I ran home. That got my mind off of the fatigue I was feeling.

The average pace for the four 1/2 MP miles was 8:21/mi.

Then I ran three more miles. This morning I ran a total of nine miles.

When I got home I drank a strawberry smoothie and I was still hungry so I ate some oats topped with strawberries, milk and honey.


  1. We have a neighbor who has 2 large dogs. Doesn't believe in a leash. Lets her dogs into our yard when I'm not looking (like 5am). The other day the little boy and I were waiting in our front yard for the school bus to bring the 5th grader home, when her dogs came bounding across the street and practically ran him over.

    I was amazed at how patient I was.

  2. WAA-HOOO!!! You da MAN!

    = ))


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