17 Miles Again

I've been following one of the Pfitz marathon training plans and this was the third and last 17 miler in the plan this month. When I put on my running shoes this morning, I realized that I'm getting used to running 17 miles. As long as some pain doesn't pop up and it's not too hot, I know that I can run 17 miles.

My plan was to gradually speed up. Here's how it went: 9:45, 9:37, 9:41, 9:26, 9:19, 9:07, 9:15, 9:03, 9:24, 9:13, 9:14, 9:15, 9:09, 9:07, 9:08, 9:00, 8:45. The ave. pace: 9:16.

I talked to a neighbor during my run who asked about my running. When I told her that I was training for the Seattle marathon, she was so excited that I felt like I was training for the Olympics!

Do you know how much you're drinking during a race when you grab a cup of water? I've read that one swallow might equal one ounce, but I did a test today using a cup like I would in a race and I need two gulps of water to drink one ounce of water. Today, every two miles I drank a dozen gulps (six ounces) of Endurance Gatorade.

I ate a couple more homemade pumpkin muffins today and they reminded me of a nutrition bar you might buy from the store. So if you want to make your own bars, you might like to try making muffins in any flavor that you like and leave out the baking soda on purpose. : )

~Gotta Run Now


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