55 Miles Run this Week

I ran about twelve miles this morning. I changed the Pfitz plan a little for the day, swapping out two 1/2 MP miles for twenty minutes of hills.

I ran four warm-up miles: 9:46, 9:20, 9:31, and 9:31/mi. pace, at the park. I was happy to see those pretty pink birds again.

Then I picked up the pace: 8:31, 8:17, 8:25, 8:27, and 8:21/mi. (These numbers are the average pace I ran for each mile.) My goal for these miles was 8:10-8:25/mi. I did that for three (almost four!) miles, but it was not easy.

After the first mile, I didn't feel too bad because at least I was running under MP pace, which is 8:35 for a 3:45 finish. In the next mile, I played running games: run fast passed that man and that lady and to that pole and down that hill. I was pretty sure I couldn't play that game for too long, though. In the next mile, I thought I slowed way down and that maybe I should give up, but then I saw that my average pace was 8:25 and I knew I shouldn't be such a quitter - I was inside of my time goal. The next mile(8:27), I really had a hard time running, but when I saw that I was nearly to the end of that mile, I was able to speed up and finish pretty close to 8:25 and the last one... The last mile is sometimes one of the easiest because I know I'm so close to the finish.

I drove over to the parking garage at Sugar Land Town Square because I really need to work on hillwork to prepare for the Seattle marathon. I ran up and down the garage for twenty minutes. I made it to the top of the garage today (6 levels up) and there's a nice view from up there.

After that, I ran around the Town Square looking in shops as I ran my cool-down mile. Apparently, mustard yellow is now "in"!

~Gotta Run Now


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