6 1/4 Miles at 7 1/4 AM

For breakfast this morning I had a few of my homemade pumpkin cranberry raisin walnut muffins. They taste good, but they're very dense (think "Texas mud"). Maybe it's because I forgot to put in the baking soda.

It was only forty degrees this morning at 7:15AM. At first, I wasn't happy about the temperature because I don't like pain very much, but it was a good chance for another Seattle marathon dress rehearsal. I don't like warm legs or freezing ears either so I wore shorts today instead of my capris and kept my earband on for the whole run: perfect. (I also wore two shirts and a cap. One of the shirts has long sleeves that I pull down over my cold hands at the beginning of the run.)

After a warm-up mile, I ran at a faster pace (8:44 average pace) for five miles. My splits: 8:45, 8:55, 8:54, 8:44, 8:23. Then I ran a slow 1/4 mile home.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Hey chicky...I think you get colder down there than we do up here!

    Would you mind posting the muffin recipe again or tell me what post you originally posted it on? Please??

    It sounds really good! And are you kidding about leaving the baking soda out or not? I can't tell! hahahaha

  2. Pony, I really, truly left out the baking soda! I didn't post the recipe because of how the muffins turned out, but since you asked, I'll go ahead and post it soon. : )

  3. I did a search on my blog and found a link to a good pumpkin muffin recipe that I made back in February. Here's the link to my post: http://gottarunnow.blogspot.com/2008/02/pumpkin-muffins.html
    These will turn out better than the ones you asked about.


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