Seattle Marathon Entry and 17 Miles

I signed up for the Seattle Marathon last night. With so much going on lately, if we hadn't already bought our plane tickets, this trip would be a no-go, but maybe this trip will be a nice vacation - a special memory to look back on someday.

So I'm signed up and the training continues... This morning, stepping outside was like stepping into an sauna- so warm and humid. When I started, the temperature was in the low 70's and when I finished, it was in the low 80's. It rained. There was a hard wind. The sun beat down on me, but worst of all was the humidity. Today's run was so hard.

Maybe once or twice, I tried to speed up, checked my Garmin to see if I really did speed up and told myself that it was okay not to go fast today. My goal was just to finish the whole seventeen miles and I did. My average pace was 10:09/mi. Most frequent thought: I will (finish).

~Gotta Run Now


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