A Very Nice Day

My day started off with a great 11 mile run, which included hill work on the treadmill. I was so surprised when I went outside to finish my run (after the treadmill hills) to find that it was cool(in the 60's with no humidity). I had to go back inside and change into a warmer shirt. How wonderful is that?!

Around lunch time, I received the best gift - a phone call (which included singing)from my daughter who remembered that today I turned a year older.

This is a photo of my afternoon dessert: birthday cake ice cream and a chocolate cupcake without frosting. No frosting - so that makes it healthy, right?!

We have family visiting from California and took them to dinner at Papa's BBQ and then on a short tour of the city. Later, we came home and watched our homemade family videos. I know - surely, that's a form of torture! But, well... They laughed at the videos so maybe it wasn't too bad.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you!

    May this year be blessed beyond all others as you seek and follow God, honoring Him in all you do!!

    And I'm hoping it's REALLLLLLLY fun too = )

  2. :) Thanks, Pony!!!


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