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I Finished the Seattle Marathon!

I finished the Seattle Marathon. It was so hard! And now the "maybes" are running through my mind:

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed with the 3:45 pacer for the first eight miles. The first three miles were fast: 8:10, 7:43 and 8:16. I was worn out by mile 10.

Maybe I didn't push myself hard enough.

Here's my summary for the Seattle marathon. It was hard! I've never walked as much as I did today. I walked up steep hills and in the later miles, I even walked on flat land. I don't like to walk during marathons, but I was so exhausted. My finish time was 4:10:42 - not a PR, but I always follow that thought with: it was so hard and I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I'm really glad about that because the thought did cross my mind a few times.

A special thanks to my husband who guest blogged here today - that was a surprise to me. And I thought he just went back to the hotel and took a long nap.

~Gotta Run Now

Photos: At the starting line and getting the chip taken…

Live Blogging from the Seattle Marathon

Hello, I'm your guest blogger, Eric.
It's 9:00 a.m. local time.

I'm bored.
It's cold. I had to walk "4 blocks!!" back to the hotel. I stopped by the lobby to grab some breakfast. For breakfast I had:
1) a small blowl of fruitloops. These contain good carbs I need for quick energy just in case I decide to do something.
2) an egg and buttermilk biscuit smothered in sausage gravy. This contains more carbs that I might need. The egg adds some protein to help me recover from anything strenuous I might do.
3) made it back to the room and poured some ice tea and had a few cheddar cheese pringles just to top off my carb loading. I might have to jump up and change the TV channel by hand if the remote breaks or something.

Well, I've got about 3 hours before I need to walk the grueling 4 blocks back to the finish line to meet Tina. I've got to remember to bring her jacket and gloves. Maybe I'll take a short nap.
Too bad I can't track her live on the web. I reall…

Live Blogging from the Seattle Marathon

Hello, I'm your guest blogger, Eric.
It's 8:45 local time.

This marathon is substantially smaller than Houston. The recovery hall is maybe 1/10th the size of the GRB.

When the runners arrive at the finish line the are herded onto a football field, Mercer Stadium, and then hustled into a small recovery area. The marathon seems well organized.

Here's a picture of the finish line and stadium that she will finish in.

Live Blogging from the Seattle Marathon

Hello, I'm your guest blogger, Eric.

It's 8:30 local time.

Here is a picture of the runners looking back from the start line. Tina is right about where the red arrow is pointing.

I'm carrying Tina's water bottle, jacket, gloves and hand warmers. She decided she didn't need any of them.I'm going to head over to the finish line and recovery area.

Live Blogging from the Seattle Marathon

Hello, I'm your guest blogger, Eric.

It is 8:15 local time. And they're off!
It's not too cold. Tina decided not to wear the long sleeved shirt.
It is drissley (dirzzly? drisely?). The pavement seems a little slick.

Here's Tina just before they take off. She's hanging close to the 3:45 pacer.

Pre-Seattle Marathon Post

The big day is here! I woke up early (3:30AM) because I'm still on Texas time and finally got up at 4AM. I ate a vanilla crisp Powerbar and a banana. After looking through some Seattle visitor books and my running journal to remind myself that I can do this marathon because I've trained for it, I checked the temperature online and it's warmer here(52 degrees) than it is at home(50 degrees). I think I'll wear shorts, a short sleeved shirt and a long sleeved shirt over that. I'm not sure about the long sleeved shirt,though.
That's me in the center of the photo. My husband took the picture from our hotel window yesterday when I went for a run.
The start is only a couple of blocks away and that's why I don't have to rush to get ready this morning. That, and the marathon doesn't start until 8:15. But now, it's 6:57AM in Seattle and time to get ready.
~Gotta Run the Seattle Marathon Now

Seattle Marathon Tomorrow

Today we drove to Mt.Rainier. We couldn't see it because of the low clouds, but we went on a good hike complete with bridges over creeks and mineral springs that turned the water orange. (We did get a good look at Mt.Rainier on Thanksgiving as we flew into Seattle.)
I didn't want to run today (too tired), but as soon as I was running, it felt good. I ran four nice and easy miles near the Space Needle. We finally made it to the Seattle marathon expo this afternoon. I was surprised at how much smaller it was than the Houston expo.
Tomorrow, the temperature should be about 50 degrees at the start and there isn't any rain expected. The marathon doesn't start until 8:15 and we're only a couple of blocks away from the start line so I don't have to get up very early.
~Gotta Run Now

Two More Days

We saw so much today: Deception Pass, Whidbey Island, the cute, small town of Langley, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Village, the flagship REI store, and we took a ride on a ferry. We finished up the evening with a ride up the Space Needle.

I picked up my race packet and talked to a Seattle runner who's glad it's supposed to be so warm Sunday... maybe 43 degrees. Of course, it depends on your perspective.

~Gotta Run Now


Today I'm blogging from Seattle! I'm here for the Seattle marathon.

We went on a hike at Wallace Falls just outside of Seattle this afternoon. It smelled like Christmas trees. There was moss growing on the trees. Everything was green. We heard the sound of the river rushing over the rocks as we hiked up the steep path and down the steep path, too, to get to the Middle Falls. After 2 - 2 1/2 miles, we were rewarded with a great view of the waterfall.

This was our third attempt at a hike today. First, we drove towards Twin Falls, but never found it. Then we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls, but it was nearly all roped off because it was the site of a crime scene. So I was relieved when we found Wallace Falls (Yay!) and saw no signs of emergency personnel (Double yay!).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dress Rehearsal

Today's Pfitzinger plan: Run 7 miles (2 at 8:35 - marathon pace) in the clothes I'll wear in the Seattle marathon.

Today I started out wearing shorts, a short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt with half zipper, and earband. I went outside and I thought I would turn into an ice cube. So back into the house I went to change into capris and to add my cap and gloves.

I saw another runner about a half mile into my run, "It's a little cold when you start out," I complained.

"It's nice!" he said. I smiled.

Nice? Okay, time to change the way I was thinking. Yes, it's nice that it's 39 degrees (feels like 35). It's good preparation for the marathon on Sunday. It's nice. It's nice. It's nice. Maybe if I told myself that a few times, I'd start to believe it. I didn't take my gloves and earband off until I'd run three miles.

I ran the fifth and sixth mile at 8:37 and 8:29 pace. The wind picked up when I was running those two mil…

Red Rock Canyon Run

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Nevada. While there, I ran in one of the best places I've ever run - a road that runs through Red Rock Canyon (about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas). I did my 15 miler there last Friday. The first 2.3 miles were all uphill (about 400 feet) and the rest of the run was mostly hills, too, but included downhills. The wind, the elevation and the hills made it a tough workout. The scenery was beautiful - red rocks everywhere. What a great run!

I ate a Powerbar vanilla crisp bar for breakfast and Powerbar vanilla gels at miles 4.5, 8 and 12. The Pfitzinger plan called for 16 miles that day, but I think 15 with lots of hills was enough. Only two weeks until the big day - the Seattle Marathon!

~Gotta Run Now

My 4th 20 Miler

Today I ran the fourth twenty miler I've completed while training for the Seattle marathon and I feel great. After fixing a problem with my Gatorade Endurance (I didn't add enough powder) and after a Garmin scare, the run went smoothly.

The Garmin problem: during my fifth mile, I hit a wrong button on my Garmin and saw a screen I had never seen before with the terrible phrase, "Low Battery". You don't want to see this at the beginning of a twenty miler. Maybe the battery was only low because it wasn't fully charged. Let's hope! (It never flashed the usual "low battery" message I've seen before that's shown in a small rectangle on the screen.) In the end, my Garmin battery never died. : )

It was windy today, but I worked hard to gradually speed up in the last half - hoping I could push myself if this were the real thing. Since I'm too lazy to post all of them, here are the splits for the last ten miles : 9:38, 9:26, 9:17, 9:16, 9:14, 9:…