Dress Rehearsal

Today's Pfitzinger plan: Run 7 miles (2 at 8:35 - marathon pace) in the clothes I'll wear in the Seattle marathon.

Today I started out wearing shorts, a short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt with half zipper, and earband. I went outside and I thought I would turn into an ice cube. So back into the house I went to change into capris and to add my cap and gloves.

I saw another runner about a half mile into my run, "It's a little cold when you start out," I complained.

"It's nice!" he said. I smiled.

Nice? Okay, time to change the way I was thinking. Yes, it's nice that it's 39 degrees (feels like 35). It's good preparation for the marathon on Sunday. It's nice. It's nice. It's nice. Maybe if I told myself that a few times, I'd start to believe it. I didn't take my gloves and earband off until I'd run three miles.

I ran the fifth and sixth mile at 8:37 and 8:29 pace. The wind picked up when I was running those two miles and I pushed hard to keep running at a good pace. The other five miles I ran today were run at about a 9:20 pace.

Oh, and the dress rehearsal my Pfitz running plan called for... I might wear shorts instead of capris. After running about an hour, my legs were warm. I really don't know what I'll wear on Sunday.


  1. I definitely prefer the colder weather. My lungs don't...but I do. I was bummed yesterday when it was so warm!

    Good luck at the race!

  2. You're right, Barbara, freezing is better than burning up since you can usually just add more clothes. I'll have to remind myself of that the next time I'm freezing.

    And "Thanks!" : )


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