I Finished the Seattle Marathon!

I finished the Seattle Marathon. It was so hard! And now the "maybes" are running through my mind:

Maybe I shouldn't have stayed with the 3:45 pacer for the first eight miles. The first three miles were fast: 8:10, 7:43 and 8:16. I was worn out by mile 10.

Maybe I didn't push myself hard enough.

Here's my summary for the Seattle marathon. It was hard! I've never walked as much as I did today. I walked up steep hills and in the later miles, I even walked on flat land. I don't like to walk during marathons, but I was so exhausted. My finish time was 4:10:42 - not a PR, but I always follow that thought with: it was so hard and I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I'm really glad about that because the thought did cross my mind a few times.

A special thanks to my husband who guest blogged here today - that was a surprise to me. And I thought he just went back to the hotel and took a long nap.

~Gotta Run Now

Photos: At the starting line and getting the chip taken off my shoe at the finish.


  1. Congratulations! I checked yesterday afternoon to see if you had posted and saw all the guest posts.

    That sounds like a really hilly marathon; instead of age grading us on time, they should have a handicap built in for the number of hills in a marathon.

  2. Congrats for finishing a TOUGH race.

    Wow...I can't imagine how challenging that course must be since you trained so well, even for hills.

    So I'll say it again...WAY TO GO!!!!


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