Live Blogging from the Seattle Marathon

Hello, I'm your guest blogger, Eric.
It's 9:00 a.m. local time.

I'm bored.
It's cold. I had to walk "4 blocks!!" back to the hotel. I stopped by the lobby to grab some breakfast. For breakfast I had:
1) a small blowl of fruitloops. These contain good carbs I need for quick energy just in case I decide to do something.
2) an egg and buttermilk biscuit smothered in sausage gravy. This contains more carbs that I might need. The egg adds some protein to help me recover from anything strenuous I might do.
3) made it back to the room and poured some ice tea and had a few cheddar cheese pringles just to top off my carb loading. I might have to jump up and change the TV channel by hand if the remote breaks or something.

Well, I've got about 3 hours before I need to walk the grueling 4 blocks back to the finish line to meet Tina. I've got to remember to bring her jacket and gloves. Maybe I'll take a short nap.
Too bad I can't track her live on the web. I really like that feature at the Houston Marathon. If she's able to maintain her 8:30 pace then she should be done about noon local, 2 pm Texas time.

It has been a pleasure being your guest blogger. I think I'm done now.


  1. Hi,this is to let you know how I admire people who are sportpersons. Wish you good luck for Seattle Marathon.
    Manjit Bansal

  2. Thank you for the nice note, Manjit!

  3. are TOOOOOOOO funny = )

  4. Eric, that is = )

    Manjit...howdy from Texas! Are you into sports also?


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