Red Rock Canyon Run

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Nevada. While there, I ran in one of the best places I've ever run - a road that runs through Red Rock Canyon (about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas). I did my 15 miler there last Friday. The first 2.3 miles were all uphill (about 400 feet) and the rest of the run was mostly hills, too, but included downhills. The wind, the elevation and the hills made it a tough workout. The scenery was beautiful - red rocks everywhere. What a great run!

I ate a Powerbar vanilla crisp bar for breakfast and Powerbar vanilla gels at miles 4.5, 8 and 12. The Pfitzinger plan called for 16 miles that day, but I think 15 with lots of hills was enough. Only two weeks until the big day - the Seattle Marathon!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. I love red rock canyon! One of my favorite places to go ever. But that was surely one heckuva workout.

  2. Glad to hear from you!! And glad to hear that you got to run in such a beautiful place = )

    I've been counting down the days with you to your marathon... praying for safety and health and good spirits leading up to the big day!!


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