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Five Mile Solo Race

Today my plan called for a race, but there weren't any nearby so I warmed up for a couple of miles and then I took off, running at a pace I hoped I could keep for five miles.

I had to stop once for a passing car and stopped the Garmin (hope that's not cheating!) and I ran straight towards two little yapping dogs and right between them. Unfortunately (or fortunately), little dogs don't look very scary anymore compared to the pair of growling, barking Rottweilers I ran by last week.

My time was just one minute and six seconds over my goal time. I ran five miles in 41:06 minutes with an 8:13/mi. average pace. I was exhausted when I was done. Even my arm muscles felt like I'd been doing some weight lifting.

~Gotta Run Now

Christmas Day Run

We went to Florida for Christmas. I ran fifteen miles along Hwy 30A near Seaside, Florida on Christmas Day. It was probably the easiest fifteen I've ever run. Perhaps it was being in a new place, but better than just being in a new place, it was a really pretty place. Beside the running trail were pine trees along with palm trees, beach cottages and lakes. I crossed wooden bridges and I could see the beach from the trail. I ran two "faster than the others" miles at around 8:37 with an average pace of 9:22/mile.
After the run, I conducted an experiment. I skipped the ice bath. It was a good experiment. I really wasn't very sore after the run even without the ice bath.
We sat on the beach and read and walked up and down Santa Rosa beach, looking for seashells and finding two jellyfish. Later, we walked down to Deer Lake, too, where the top photo was taken.
Merry Christmas!
~Gotta Run Now

Marathon Support

That was hard! I just ran 11 miles. The goal: run at 8:55-9:07 pace (marathon goal pace plus 20 seconds). It's a wide pace range because I don't know if my marathon goal pace should be for a 3:45 or 3:50 finish. My average pace was 8:58 for the 11 miles. I think the Gu gels helped (one before I ran, another at mile 4 and then another at mile 8.5). Listening to music helped, too.
When I finished I was exhausted. I could not have run any more than 11. It reminded me a little bit of how I felt after the Seattle marathon (11/30/08)...
I ran through the finish line (looking at the clock). Ugh! Missed my goal by about 20 minutes. Someone handed me a medal. I looked for my husband. I just stood still thinking... I missed my goal again. What now? Sulk? I finished. It was hard. I made it through the finish line. I finished. Okay, I'm fine now. Where's my husband?
He found me and took care of me. I was so tired that it was hard to think. Everything was harder. (Is that what it…

Training Runs

I experimented with a new gel yesterday (Espresso Love Gu) and then ran into the wind for two miles and kept a decent pace. Maybe the gel made the difference.

I turned the corner and planned to run a faster paced mile - straight down a long quiet road. Although it looked a little boring, I was looking forward to it and then I saw something I don't usually see. A deer stepped out of the wooded area beside the road, looked at me, ran across the road and jumped over the neighborhood fence. Then I saw a falcon on top of a pole. As I ran down the street, it flew ahead of me: pole to pole to tree and then away into the sky. Right after that, my husband drove up after going to the store and before I knew it, the mile was over. Sometimes distractions are good.

After running today, my husband and I headed over to the Sugar Land 30K race. I would have liked to run in the race, but it's only been two weeks since I ran in the marathon.

~Gotta Run Now

Marathon #5:Houston

The Houston marathon held a silent auction today. Forty-five top bidders got a place in the otherwise full Houston marathon or half marathon. I added my name to the Houston Food Bank bidding list and then waited to see who outbid me. Ten minutes before the closing, folks jumped to the tables to outbid the others. It was a little tense. ; ) If you're running the Houston marathon this year, I'll see you there because I am, too!

I ran five miles this afternoon. It was 60 degrees and wonderfully sunny. I started running -excited about being registered for the marathon and feeling fast until my tight legs reminded me that I'm still in recovery mode after last Sunday's marathon in Seattle. No big deal, but I can't race down the road yet.

~Gotta Run Now

Seattle Marathon and my Garmin

When I ran in the Houston marathon last January, my Garmin stopped working. I think it was running under one of the overpasses that did it. So this time, before running the Seattle marathon, I learned how to reset my Garmin: hit the mode and lap/reset buttons simultaneously.

While I was running in the fourth or fifth mile in the Seattle marathon (in the tunnel maybe), my Garmin got stuck. I reset it and turned it on (because resetting it turned it off). It looked okay.

Then it started beeping (with a short tune) and showed me this message: speed up! That was okay because I had slowed down and it reminded me to push harder.

Then it started beeping even when it showed that my pace was okay. Not okay! Perhaps it set itself for a faster expected pace?

Then it started beeping every few seconds, or at least it seemed like it. Annoying, but I didn't want to turn it off (I wanted my mile paces to look at after the race) and I didn't know how to fix the problem.

Finally, when I had a minute…

Mt. Rainier from the Air

I took this photo from the airplane. My legs feel pretty close to normal now. Sitting down and getting up isn't a struggle like it was Monday (one day after the Seattle marathon). ~Gotta Run Now


We rode a ferry to Bainridge Island and saw 5-6 Orcas out in the water. We drove to Scandinavian inspired Poulsbo where we ate pastries, window-shopped and took this picture. The night time view of Seattle on the ferry ride back was quite a sight. There was a lot of walking today and it's getting much easier to tackle flights of stairs today than it was yesterday. ~Gotta Run Now

Seattle Marathon - Scenic

We drove along part of the Seattle marathon route yesterday (before going to the Seattle Museum of Flight, which was an interesting place to visit). I should have done this before the marathon. Here's a photo of one place along the route of the Seattle marathon - in the Washington Park Arboretum. It was nice scenery, but this part of the run (maybe mile 25) seemed to go on and on for much too long. Notice the hill. That's nothing compared to the steep ones along the route, though.

~Gotta Run Now