Christmas Day Run

We went to Florida for Christmas. I ran fifteen miles along Hwy 30A near Seaside, Florida on Christmas Day. It was probably the easiest fifteen I've ever run. Perhaps it was being in a new place, but better than just being in a new place, it was a really pretty place. Beside the running trail were pine trees along with palm trees, beach cottages and lakes. I crossed wooden bridges and I could see the beach from the trail. I ran two "faster than the others" miles at around 8:37 with an average pace of 9:22/mile.

After the run, I conducted an experiment. I skipped the ice bath. It was a good experiment. I really wasn't very sore after the run even without the ice bath.

We sat on the beach and read and walked up and down Santa Rosa beach, looking for seashells and finding two jellyfish. Later, we walked down to Deer Lake, too, where the top photo was taken.

Merry Christmas!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. That's so neat! I've been to Seaside and it is nice. We are off to St. George Island, a little further south, for New Years' Week. I have a nine-miler and a six-miler to do while there, and I'm really looking forward to them!

  2. It was a fun trip. I hope you have a great vacation in Florida, too!

  3. That top pic looks like snow but then I read your post and knew it wasn't = )

    Really nice pace on your 15-miler...good job!

  4. Thanks, Pony!

    You're not the first one to tell me that looked like snow. Also, there were little red berries on some of the beach bushes - very Christmasy!


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