Five Mile Solo Race

Today my plan called for a race, but there weren't any nearby so I warmed up for a couple of miles and then I took off, running at a pace I hoped I could keep for five miles.

I had to stop once for a passing car and stopped the Garmin (hope that's not cheating!) and I ran straight towards two little yapping dogs and right between them. Unfortunately (or fortunately), little dogs don't look very scary anymore compared to the pair of growling, barking Rottweilers I ran by last week.

My time was just one minute and six seconds over my goal time. I ran five miles in 41:06 minutes with an 8:13/mi. average pace. I was exhausted when I was done. Even my arm muscles felt like I'd been doing some weight lifting.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. That was a great pace to start the new year! If you'd been in a race you would have been sub 40 with the adrenaline pumping. I have a hard time really, really pushing on a solo run. You'll have to tell my your secret.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of hard to keep going for five miles when you're not really in a race. Listening to music helps me. That, and trying not to give up when I think that I'm slowing down.


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