Marathon #5:Houston

The Houston marathon held a silent auction today. Forty-five top bidders got a place in the otherwise full Houston marathon or half marathon. I added my name to the Houston Food Bank bidding list and then waited to see who outbid me. Ten minutes before the closing, folks jumped to the tables to outbid the others. It was a little tense. ; ) If you're running the Houston marathon this year, I'll see you there because I am, too!

I ran five miles this afternoon. It was 60 degrees and wonderfully sunny. I started running -excited about being registered for the marathon and feeling fast until my tight legs reminded me that I'm still in recovery mode after last Sunday's marathon in Seattle. No big deal, but I can't race down the road yet.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Tina--thanks for the Garmin tip in the last post! I've never had that happen in a race, but it would throw me off so much.

    I'm thinking about my first 26.2 in the spring, so I may ask you a million questions.

    Are you doing lots of marathons close together to be a marathon maniac, by the way?

  2. Hi RunnerMom! No, I don't think I could run enough marathons to be a Marathon Maniac! The Houston marathon is close to home; I've run it 3 times and I think I can do better than I did in Seattle.

    My Garmin may have to stay home for the next marathon. : (

    Your first marathon? Great! Sure, ask away!


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