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That was hard! I just ran 11 miles. The goal: run at 8:55-9:07 pace (marathon goal pace plus 20 seconds). It's a wide pace range because I don't know if my marathon goal pace should be for a 3:45 or 3:50 finish. My average pace was 8:58 for the 11 miles. I think the Gu gels helped (one before I ran, another at mile 4 and then another at mile 8.5). Listening to music helped, too.

When I finished I was exhausted. I could not have run any more than 11. It reminded me a little bit of how I felt after the Seattle marathon (11/30/08)...

I ran through the finish line (looking at the clock). Ugh! Missed my goal by about 20 minutes. Someone handed me a medal. I looked for my husband. I just stood still thinking... I missed my goal again. What now? Sulk? I finished. It was hard. I made it through the finish line. I finished. Okay, I'm fine now. Where's my husband?

He found me and took care of me. I was so tired that it was hard to think. Everything was harder. (Is that what it's like to grow old?) After a hug...

"There's the water. Here, let me open it for you. Let me put this mylar blanket around you. Would you like some chocolate milk? Let me hold the extra carton for you. Look at these finisher shirts. Is there one in your size? This one looks good. I'll hold it. Let's check your time. I'll hold your water. You're shivering. You better change your clothes. I'll hold your stuff." And on and on.

It was like I was a queen - pretty special! : )

In the photo, I'm the runner in red crossing the Seattle marathon finish line.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Good job hitting that goal pace for 11 miles. I'd like to be in that range, but I'm not there yet.

    We are so hard on ourselves. I have been known to sulk after not meeting a race goal...

  2. You'll get there! You'll see!

    Yeah, I think we're all too hard on ourselves, too. But are we running when most people are in their warm cozy houses? Are we trying to eat better so that we are better runners? Do we (mostly) stick to a training plan? There's more to running than our finishing times.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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