Houston Marathon Expo Goodies

I went to the marathon expo today. Look at all of the free goodies that were handed out: lip balm, magazines, t-shirts, a flashing light (maybe I should wear that in the fog), Nasa shoe laces, hot chocolate and Larabars.

This year, the marathon shirt you receive at the expo is black (in the center of the photo). The finisher's shirts are either red or blue and look nice.

They had the new Under Armor running shoes there so I tried some on just to see what they're like. I wasn't impressed, but I only tried one style: the Apparition. The toe area was too big and bulky and I tried them in both size 7 and 8. The salesperson said it's comfortable that way. Maybe you're less likely to get black toenails when you wear them?

About my heel... It still hurts a little.

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Chicky! Where did you find the 26.2 stickers??? I looked all over for some to buy but never found any = (

    I'm getting excited about tomorrow...feeling optimistic...but ya never know until you're out there running...

    I'll be looking for you!

  2. Hi, Pony! The free stickers are at the Oklahoma Memorial marathon table in the center area of the expo (I think).

    I hope I see you there!


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