Tempo Running Tips

I did a tempo run today. (Click on today's post title if you want to see how tempo running can make you faster.) After a couple of miles of easy running, I ran ten minutes at a comfortably hard pace followed by a two minute recovery jog. I did that twice and then ran about three miles at an easy pace. Tempo pace: 8:26 and 8:28.

It cooled down over night. Yesterday morning it was seventy degrees and my five miler was a sweaty one, but today I had to wear gloves, a hat and a fleece headband (my ears were so glad I went back in the house to get my headband!) because it was forty-eight degrees and windy. When I was finished, I fixed myself some hot chocolate and then I read about a recent study on hot drinks: Hot Drinks Equal Warm Feelings, as Scientists Link Physical and Emotional Warmth. Later, everyone I met while I did my shopping seemed so nice and warm!

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