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13 Mile Training Run with 3 Miles Uphill

Today is Friday - my long run day. While I ate my Cheerios topped with a banana and milk, I could hear the wind howling outside. Today's plan was to run through my neighborhood for five miles and come back home for more water and a gel (vanilla Powerbar), repeat that and then hop on the treadmill for hillwork. Hardly anyone was outside today and it was like having my own personal jogging trail. I even saw a hawk and two falcons.

Before I started, I thought it might be less boring if I slowly tried to pick up my pace rather than trudge along at the same pace for ten miles, but the wind was so strong that I gave up that idea in the second mile. That was the mile where I wanted to quit - for the first time today. When there were no trees or houses to block the wind, it was like running at the beach on a summer day - 70 degrees and windy. I finished the ten miles (10:08/mi. average pace) and that was the easy part of today's workout.

I came home and when I get home after a run, it j…

Green Birds

You never know what you might see when you step outside your door. I was slogging along on a six miler this morning when about half a dozen beautiful light green parrot-like birds suddenly took flight from the side of the road and into the sky. They landed in a neighbor's tree and I pulled out my camera (phone) from my pocket, but I couldn't get close enough to get a good photo. If my neighbors happened to look out of their windows, I hope they could see the birds in the tree, not only because they were beautiful, but also because, well, I was in their front yard with my camera.

I finished the run with eight ten second uphill sprints on the treadmill.

First Wildflowers of '09 Seen On the Run

Today is the first day that I noticed that we have wildflowers in bloom down the street from my house. Look! The Indian paintbrushes match my running shoes!Today is also the first day that I noticed that my "comfortable running pace" is getting back to normal after the marathon I ran about a month ago. (I was beginning to wonder if I'd lost it. I decided that I'd keep running anyway, though, so when the time comes that I do lose it, now I know that I won't lose it. Are you with me? If I lost you, don't worry. Just ignore me.) Anyway, today I had a good 8 1/2 mile progression run where later miles are run faster. It was windy, but I won. The wind was pushing hard on me in the eighth mile, but I didn't slow down. I didn't keep the same pace. I just sped way up.

Will Run for Cake

I saw a recipe for Red Velvet Cake in a running magazine and I tried it. The cake wasn't delicious, so I tried a second recipe. The cake still wasn't great so I tried a third recipe. Too bad I forgot that I was halving the ingredients to make a smaller portion, but I only forgot half of the time. The fourth time I made this cake, it came out just right. (I used a recipe out of Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book.)
Then I made the cake again today. Both layers stuck in the pans so that when they finally fell out, they were broken in two pieces (or more). I put extra frosting on the uneven parts. Maybe it's not very noticeable.
In my training log, I penciled in thirty-five miles of running, core work, calisthenics and weight work and since I was able to complete all of those exercise goals this week, pass me a big piece of cake, please. Oh wait, I already had a piece. Happy Valentine's Day!

March 20, 2009 update: Those Red Velvet Cupcakes, made from a recipe in a running …

Not Giving Up

Yesterday, a neighbor asked how my last marathon went. And then she asked the question I wanted to avoid: by how much did I miss qualifying for Boston? After I told her (about an hour and eight minutes!), she moaned saying that I had worked sooooo hard to qualify. There's nothing like talking to someone who understands.

I'll keep trying to qualify, but I'm not planning on running a marathon again right away. However, all of the miles I've put in only make me stronger. Besides that, I like running. So far, I've run twenty-five miles this week. Barring injuries, lightning storms and my own laziness, this will be a thirty-five mile week - a new high since the marathon.

~Gotta Run Now