13 Mile Training Run with 3 Miles Uphill

Today is Friday - my long run day. While I ate my Cheerios topped with a banana and milk, I could hear the wind howling outside. Today's plan was to run through my neighborhood for five miles and come back home for more water and a gel (vanilla Powerbar), repeat that and then hop on the treadmill for hillwork. Hardly anyone was outside today and it was like having my own personal jogging trail. I even saw a hawk and two falcons.

Before I started, I thought it might be less boring if I slowly tried to pick up my pace rather than trudge along at the same pace for ten miles, but the wind was so strong that I gave up that idea in the second mile. That was the mile where I wanted to quit - for the first time today. When there were no trees or houses to block the wind, it was like running at the beach on a summer day - 70 degrees and windy. I finished the ten miles (10:08/mi. average pace) and that was the easy part of today's workout.

I came home and when I get home after a run, it just seems like I should be done running, but I wasn't. I wanted (that doesn't seem like the right word) to run three more miles - uphill. The choice (I was using a workout from Hudson's Run Faster) was to set the incline at somewhere between four and six percent. I played around with the speed and the incline and ran most of the way with a four percent incline at 5mph (which works out to about a 10:00/mile according to this conversion chart) with the beginning slower and the ending miles faster only because then I would be done sooner. I took (too many) breaks during this part of the run, but I did finally finish the three miles, which was harder than the previous ten miles.

I stretched and then stood in our pool for ten minutes, wishing I had heated up my chocolate milk before I drank it and then I cleaned up. I was so tired that I actually had to take a break in the middle of blow drying my hair just to let my arms rest.

~Gotta Run Now


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