First Wildflowers of '09 Seen On the Run

Today is the first day that I noticed that we have wildflowers in bloom down the street from my house. Look! The Indian paintbrushes match my running shoes!

Today is also the first day that I noticed that my "comfortable running pace" is getting back to normal after the marathon I ran about a month ago. (I was beginning to wonder if I'd lost it. I decided that I'd keep running anyway, though, so when the time comes that I do lose it, now I know that I won't lose it. Are you with me? If I lost you, don't worry. Just ignore me.) Anyway, today I had a good 8 1/2 mile progression run where later miles are run faster. It was windy, but I won. The wind was pushing hard on me in the eighth mile, but I didn't slow down. I didn't keep the same pace. I just sped way up.


  1. YAY!!! Sure feels good to get back to "normal" after having a time of not running the best and wondering if that was all there was = )

  2. It seems like you bounced back pretty fast, Pony. I'm glad!

  3. Oops! I meant to write that you bounced back quickly after the marathon, not that you had any slow running (like I did) because I didn't see any of that.

  4. Yeah...I felt a little more tired than usual but the running part came back very quickly... amazingly!

    But I was recovering from just one marathon and you had to recover from TWO!


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