Blinded by Bugs

When drenched in sweat, don't run through a swarm of biting gnats because they'll stick to any exposed skin. I did this today and I got a gnat in my eye. I took out my contact, found my house with one eye 0 ), got a new contact and got back outside to finish the six miles. My pace got slower the more I ran.

Hot (70 degrees outside), tired and bug-bitten I jumped on the treadmill: 8 x 1 minute @ 6% incline. That made 0% incline feel like running downhill and one minute last forever, but the more I did, the stronger I felt. Finished with the hillwork, I set the incline to 1% and finished the whole workout (eight miles today) feeling better than I did after the first six miles.

~Gotta Run Now

March 9, 2009 Post Update: I added a link in case you'd like to see one of our geocaching videos.


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