Computer Virus Alert

Blogging Friends, are you ready for Conficker?

On April 1st the Conficker virus is set to explode. Is your computer ready for this attack?

You can get the virus several ways. One way, as seen in the pic, is by scam websites that appear to be your own PC having a problem. You click on their website and “Bam!”, you’re on your way to downloading a virus.

To read more about Conficker, click on this link. Be careful out there! I'd miss you if you weren’t blogging because a virus attacked your PC.


  1. Ironically, I tried to run a couple of patches over the weekend (related to AutoRun, etc.) because of the news around this virus.

    And one of the patches I ran from MS's website crashed on my and hung my computer. I ended up having to do a system restore back to Friday to get it out of safe mode.

    That can't be good...

  2. I'm freaking out about the virus. I am notvery computer savvy so I'm hoping hubby will be able to take care of any computer issues. We'll see.

    Oh, and Beaver Nuggets are very addictive! We only get them for road trips. :)


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