Gotta Run Soon

I haven't run since Wednesday because my knee hurt after my run. My running mantra of "go faster" has changed to "be a smart runner" so I've stopped running for a few days.

I think I'll go on a run again soon, though, so I probably don't need to scrape off the 'Gotta Run' and '26.2' stickers off of the back of my car just yet.

I haven't completely stopped exercising, though. I've finally completed four consecutive weeks of strength training three days a week - something I've wanted to do all year.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Love your running blog. I'm trying to start running. I did a 5k in Alvin last year but I had to walk a lot! Hope to enter some mroe after I can run a little better. I LOVE getting the tee shirts. LOL

  2. I saw your geocaching video from brzos Bend. Is that the cache that's off the trail away and it was called otrnado alley or something like that? We searched and searched for that one but couldn't find it. Very frustrating. :)

  3. Hi Kelly!

    I bookmarked your blog. Hope some of my blog readers will visit your blog and look for that photo you took of about 20 baby gators at Brazos Bend State Park. What a great picture!

  4. Being a smarter runner is always a good thing to strive for! It's tough, though, because the urge to run is often there even when you know you shouldn't. Good for you for giving your body a rest!

  5. Kelly- I'm not sure what the cache in the video was called, but there wasn't a trail nearby. We had to romp through the woods to find the cache. I looked up our list of caches found and there wasn't one called anything like Tornado Alley. But you aren't trying to get me to give you any geocaching clues are you?! ; )

    Happy Runner- If only we could bottle up this 'gotta run feeling' and save it for a rainy day!


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