Five Mile Pain-free Run

I ran five pain-free miles this morning. It felt great to get a good run in - finally!

Because it was dark outside, I started my run on the treadmill. I listened to music on my earphones and the news on TV to pass the time. I can listen to both at once if I don't turn the volume up too high. That way, I can listen to music during the commercials and boring news stories.

After three miles on the treadmill (really 3.04 miles, if you're checking the photo) and once it was light outside, I ran two miles in my neighborhood. It was nice to be running outside again. The wind cooled me off. Time went by faster than when I was inside on the treadmill. Usually, I run six days a week, but since I've had some knee pain I've had to run fewer days. I've missed it.

After my run, I iced my knee with a bag of frozen peas, just to be safe.

~Gotta Run Now


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