Four Hard Miles

Here's how my run went this AM...

Before I ran, I ate some oatmeal with raisins and an orange juice smoothie. (Stir some yogurt and juice together. Add vanilla, if you like.) I also finished half of an orange smoothie flavored Powerbar pre-run bar. (These bars are sweet and really too much like candy to eat for breakfast.)

I did an easy two mile warm-up. It was 50 degrees. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. It wasn't nearly as windy as it was Saturday. I felt great.

I drank some water and then came the fun (sort of, kind of) part. I ran four faster miles.

The first hard mile, my pace was 8:22 minutes per mile. I wanted the next mile to be faster, even if it was only one second faster.

Hard mile two pace: 8:21. Okay, that's good (and kind of funny), but could I go faster?

Hard mile 3... It was a little windy. Now I needed some encouragement... Just run home now. Get home. Go. Pump your arms. Pump your legs. Fight the wind. Don't let it mess up your time. Hard mile #3 pace: 8:10.

By the fourth hard mile, I was getting tired. My head felt like it was going to explode - I was so hot. How much farther can I go? I ran by some walkers, waved and said, "Hi!" It was a good diversion, but then it was just me and the road again and I was so tired. But it's supposed to be hard... I was doing the pep-talk thing again... I'm nearly home. Run home! Get home! I finished the last hard mile in 7:59.

I ran a two mile cool-down. Eight miles total today.

And then I pigged out at lunch! :8)

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Excellent job! I love to hear about digging deep because I know EXACTLY what that feels like and how it feels when you know you've done your best... no matter what the results were!

    You may have already posted you have a goal for your upcoming half-marathon? Other than just have fun??? Where is it and how did you hear about it? I love the name!

    Are you training specifically? Like following Pete's plan again or some other plan? Or are you just getting miles in with certain key workouts here and there? I've given you something to think about and distract yourself on your next hard workout = )

  2. Thanks! I need all of the distractions I can get! You've got some good questions. I'll post the answers soon. : )


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