Geocaching at Brazos Bend State Park

I still had some energy left after running ten miles this morning so I went on a geocaching adventure with my husband. We had a picnic and hiked four miles through the woods at Brazos Bend State Park, which is near our house. We found five geocaches, a snake and four gators. In the photo, I'm sitting next to one of the geocaches we found today - the largest one we've found so far. It was hidden next to a downed tree with a pile of sticks over it. My husband nearly fell out of a tree while trying to get to the geocache!


  1. Four miles after running? Wow! You go, girl!

  2. Howdy from Texas, Chris!

    Thanks for leaving a comment... and a nice one at that!

    I just got back from visiting your blog. Great geocaching videos!

  3. I tried to comment yesterday but Google has been a little squirrely lately. I have a co-worker who goes geocaching just about every weekend I think!

    Hey, are you on Facebook? I just don't want you to feel left out; it seems like almost every other running blogger is on there. If so, look me up!

  4. Hi Barbara-

    No, I'm not on Facebook, but thanks for the invite.

    Geocaching has been fun. You ought to try it!: )

  5. How did you get in to geocaching and is the start-up equipment expensive (more than $200)?

    It looks like TONS of fun and I think it would be something neat that John, Faithy, Petey and I could all do together = )

  6. Yeah, Pony, I do think it's something your whole family would like to do together.


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