My First Nanocache & Our GPS Receiver

I found a nanocache today! No! No! It's not that humongous bolt you can easily see in the center of the photo. The cache is the teeny-tiny metal box which is hanging just below the large bolt. You can just barely see it in my fingertips. It's the tiniest cache I've ever seen.

My husband and I used our GPS receiver to get us within 30 feet of the cache and then we started looking for something that just didn't seem to belong. It only took a few minutes and then I spotted it. Hmm... What is this little metal part on this big bolt? Aha! It came off! It was a magnetized nanocache. Inside of the cache was a thin strip of paper which I unrolled, signed and dated. We didn't hike through the woods today, only through a bit of wet grass - a good location for a cold rainy day.

My husband and I have been geocachers only for about a week now so we might not know all there is to know about geocaching yet ; ), but he wrote this up just in case anyone would like to know what we newbie geocachers use on our treks...

All you need is a handheld GPS (or even a good cell phone).

The Garmin eTrex is what we use (actually an older version of this without WAAS): It’s just about the cheapest you can find, under $90. Ours has an accuracy of about 30 ft. This new one may be better.

If you want better accuracy look for a handheld GPS with WAAS technology. This narrows your target range down to less than 10 feet. You also may want one with built in maps. These can get very fancy and start costing several hundred dollars.

Another option is Google maps mobile. If you’ve got a cell phone with built in GPS (many do these days) you can install Google maps mobile for free. Then just punch in the lat/lon coordinates in the search box and start walking.

Here’s the official GeoCaching website for more details on geocaching.


  1. My husband and I enjoyed geocaching a bit when our son was little enough to be in the backpack. Now that he's nearly 5 and our daughter is a very independent 2, we'll have to consider giving it a go again because it really was fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for reminding me of the excitement and adventure of geocaching. :)

  2. Brianna-

    I hope you get the chance to go geocaching with your family soon - it is fun!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thanks for all the info on geocaching! I'm going to tell John about it and see if he's interested.

    I have one of those nifty cell phones so we might not have to buy anything = )

    And I checked out the website and there are quite a few locations near us!! I'm really excited!

  4. Pony, I look forward to hearing how it goes when you find your first geocache. : )


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