Run Carefully!

Happy Friday! I ran a twelve mile progression run today in which the last two miles were run faster than the first ten. It was windy out there!

Average pace for 12 miles - 9:11
Average pace for miles 1 - 5 - 9:19
Average pace for miles 6 - 10 - 9:13
Average pace for miles 11 - 12 - 8:45

I meant to take a vanilla Powerbar gel at miles 4 and 8 (a little sooner than the usual every 5 miles), but I didn't take the second gel until mile 10. I wish I had thought about it. It might have made the run easier. My pace for mile 9 was the slowest of the whole run at 9:29.

I live in a quiet neighborhood where I feel safe running outside, but at 7:30 AM when a car passed by me for the second time and made a u-turn at the end of a fairly desolate street I was running down, I grabbed my pepper spray. The car passed by me for the third time. Nothing happened. The poor guy was probably just lost, but I'm glad he didn't stop to ask for directions. That was at the end of mile 1.

Mile 2... I'm running along, feeling more secure because the scary black car seems to be gone and I'm running down a street with lots of houses when I hear the scurry, scurry sound of doggy toe nails racing down a driveway towards me. Uh-oh, it's the dog that wears a diaper. It's Diaper Dog! It chased me down the street and when I had to run by the dog again a few minutes later, it chased me down the street again... I used to like little dogs.

A few miles later, I think I was stung or bit by some sort of little bug on my face. The bite started to sting. I started to race home. Then I remembered that I had a little water left in my water bottle and poured the water on my sweaty face. No more stinging!

At the end of mile 12, I decided to try to run faster even though I was running into the wind. I checked my Garmin and my pace was seven something! I didn't want to collapse at my mailbox so I slowed down. I checked my pace again: ten something. I didn't want to slow down that much! Somehow it ended up being a reasonable 8:46 after all.

I had a couple of little problems, but everything worked out fine. My twelve mile run: done!

~Gotta Run Now


  1. Good heavens Tina! I'm glad the stalker left, and I'm glad the sting was nothing serious (I have a good story about getting stung on my throat once when we were at Washington on the Brazos, wind pipe closing off, ending up in ER, etc.).

    The most I had to watch for this morning was lots and lots of cars heading to and from way too many garage sales in the area.


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