Famous People

First up, I'm married to the winner of an online award presented by Nick's Date Storage Blog yesterday. From the blog: "I selected Eric's wishes because they seem progressive... yet in the realm of possibility." And, yes, like the article says, my husband is a fun guy!

Second, today I was surprised that I knew someone in one of Google's randomly chosen articles in my blog sidebar. There's one about Houston runner John Yoder who hopes to finish the Eisenhower Marathon in 2 hours and 35 minutes. In fact, I know his sister and his wife, both mentioned in the article, too. We've all eaten pizza together!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on John-boy!

    Now that means even MORE people will recognize him wherever we go...a running joke in our family...HA!! I just realized what I typed... "a RUNNING joke"

    Really, I meant it's an ongoing joke...except one time at a grocery store, a girl came up to John and said "aren't you PONY'S brother?" I'll never let him forget that! hahahahaha

    Seriously, we're very proud of our famous family member = )


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