Five Mile Run

I ran five miles today. At first, my legs felt very tired, but it didn't take long before I started feeling better.

At the 1.5 mile point, when a dog started to chase after me from his enclosed yard, but stopped because he must have recognized me, I felt much better. I could almost hear him, "Oh, it's just that lady that used to run by nearly every day. She's alright." Smart dog! It felt good to be running again.

I had a few minor aches, but nothing serious and then a half mile from home, it hit. You know those thoughts... I'm hot. I'm tired. This is hard.

I ran alongside a yard with two small black dogs. They like to bark at me, but most days, they bump into each other in all of their excitement and start barking at each other. Kind of funny!

Of course, the dogs took my mind off how I felt. I was close to my house now. Soon I'd finish my five mile run. My knee felt okay. I picked up the speed just because I felt great.

My average pace for the whole run was 9:57/mi. with an average pace of 10:13/mi. for the first mile and 9:36/mi. for the last mile.

I hope you have a happy Easter!


  1. Have a happy Easter! Supposedly we're going to the 7:30am service tomorrow. We'll see if that actually happens...


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