Gel to the Rescue

The facts: 89% humidity. 73 degrees. Windy. Mostly Cloudy. 8 mile run - done. : )

Last night I looked forward to my 8 miler, but today I wondered if I could finish it. Sometimes it took too much energy to lift my wrist up to see what pace I was running or how many miles I had run.

Then I saw a little dog outside (a repeat offender) and I started thinking grumpy thoughts about what I'd tell the owner if it chased me. I knew then that I was going downhill so I ate my vanilla Powerbar gel early. The mean thoughts vanished and I was once again a perfect angel. (I made the second part up, but I did feel better!)

Average pace: 9:25. Last two miles were the fastest: 8:49 and 9:15 (last mile into the wind)

Pre-run: blueberry muffin (should have eaten better than this, but kitchen is in a remodeling mess)
Post-run: vanilla yogurt
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11


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