Houston Galleria 5 Mile Run with Sprints

I've moved into Houston - in the Galleria area (close to where my husband works), but it's only for a little while. We had to leave our house which is about 45 minutes away because it's being remodeled. Hurricane Ike hit our house back in September and the dust and fumes make living at home difficult so we're living in an extended stay hotel.

That means I get to run in a new place. Today I ran along the Houston marathon route on Post Oak between Westheimer and San Felipe. That's about mile sixteen of the marathon. It was fun to run part of the route when I didn't feel like I had just run 16 miles and still had 10.2 more to go.

Back at home, I'm usually on the lookout for birds, deer, snakes and sometimes even alligators, too, but today I did some speedy window-shopping instead. The photo is taken in the Sports Authority parking lot where I ran eight thirty second sprints. With all of the new sights, even though there were sprints to run, some rain, a lot of puddle-jumping and blustery wind, today's five mile run went by fast and was fun.

Pre-run: cinnamon/raisin oatmeal with milk

Shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer 13


  1. Did you get to bring the dogs with you or did you have to board them?

    I'd like to run a kennel/boarding/doggy day care someday...that'd be fun...lots of hard work but lots of fun too, I'm thinkin!

  2. Hi Pony!

    Our dogs are at a kennel now, but sometimes they'll be at home where I'll go home to take care of them.

    And again, congrats on your 2nd place age group finish in the 10K on Saturday! The weather was terrible and you did a great job!


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