Houston Memorial Park 7 Mile Run

Memorial Park was crowded this morning at about 9:30. For one mile, I counted 75 people that I passed on the running path. The only time I run with that many people is when I'm in a race.

Everyone was either totally into their music, talking with a friend, talking on the phone, having dog troubles, wiping sweat off, getting a drink, checking watches, staring at the ground, or dying from speedwork or even from a long, slow run, but I did see a few smiles today. : )

After I ran 6 miles (9:30/mi. pace), I ran a mile at a harder pace (8:50/mi.). Doable, but kind of hard. It was a good hard, though. I drank water along the way and took a tri-berry GU at the three mile point. That's a good flavor.

Pre-run: toast w/ PB & J
Post-run: yummy cherry vanilla Brown Cow yogurt (only 15 cents on about-to-expire sale!)
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11


  1. Aw Tina, you're making me wish I had it in me to drive to Memorial so I could run with you. It sounds...lonely. Is that okay to say?

    We live nowhere near Memorial; on a good morning it would take me over half an hour to get there on a Saturday before anyone woke up. I used to do it though; my best friend lived in Spring Valley and I'd swing by and pick her up to go run there.

    We are getting ready to change out the flooring in 2 rooms in our house, but they claim they can be done in just 2-3 days. I wish your time away from home was as short as ours is supposed to be.

  2. Your post is a nice one, but it made me go back and read what I wrote and... you're right!

    I did sound lonely, but it wasn't really so bad. Mostly, I was trying to give a description of what it was like there.

    But, thank you, Barbara! I hope your floor gets done quickly!

  3. Anonymous4/30/2009

    I love how crowded Memorial is. It's so fun to feel like you're part of a community of healthy, fit, good-looking runners.

  4. Yeah, running with other people inspires me to keep going.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!


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