Houston's Memorial Park 7 Mile Run

Here's a picture I took of Memorial Park back in April when we stayed in town while our house was being remodeled after Hurricane Ike hit it in September '08.

Today I ran over to the park to run 6 x 800's. I wish my times were all less than 8:00/mi, but at least they were all faster than 8:30. ; ) It's still warm here - around 80. Soon, the weather will cool down and I think I'll speed up. Pace for the 800's: 7:51, 8:26 (got distracted just thinking happy little thoughts), 8:03 (focused now), 8:21, 8:21, 8:24 (I was getting tired and wondered if I should call it a day during this one), 8:20 (Tried to make it my fastest. Oh well!).

I ran between water fountains. There were two about 1/2 a mile apart so that worked out perfectly - getting my 20 swallows each time.

Pre-run: Cheerios, 1/2 banana
Post-run: chocolate milk (Ovaltine)


  1. We were talking during one of our runs a couple of weeks ago about how many people still don't have their homes fixed from Ike.

    I hope the time passes quickly for you!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! This is annoying, but I know it's a small problem compared to the real problems in life. Happily, our house should be good as new in three weeks or so.

  3. Oops! I took my old post from April (because I wanted to reuse the photo) and the comments followed. Guess that's okay...

  4. wow!!! that's a very shaded and pretty path! how awesome! your page still amazes me... so much!

  5. Thank you! : )

    I'm sure I'll add more pictures of the park later - hard to capture it all with just one.

  6. This sounds like a good workout! I am sure you will love having the trail so close!


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