Ran Today After Resting My Sore Knee

You know you're a runner when you start writing letters to your running shoes and talking to your knee...

"Knee, I gave you a full week of rest. Please be better now. "

I ran three miles on the treadmill this morning. I'd rather run outside, but the cold wind was gusting up to 20mph and I just didn't feel like fighting it today. The treadmill can be boring, but since it was only three miles, it was fine. I listened to music on my earphones and had the TV news on in the background.

After my run, I got a hot drink and stretched. Right now, there's a bag of frozen peas sitting on my knee. Maybe this week I'll be able to run more than I did last week.


  1. I headed for the treadmill today. Sometimes it's just easier with weather being unpredictable.

  2. I'm surprised you're running so quickly after stabbing your foot with that game piece. That's great!

    I just checked tomorrow's weather and it looks like it will be about 50 degrees and sunny in the morning - great running weather!


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