Tabata Intervals

I did some Tabata intervals today. You do 20 seconds of hard exercise and then you rest for ten seconds. You repeat this for a total of eight times which works out to a four minute workout.

I did thrusters (squat and then stand while lifting dumbbells) and by the fifth interval, I was really tired. I didn't have time to get a drink because I was busy jotting down my count and then it was time to get my dumbbells back in my hands and ready for the next twenty seconds.

You could do Tabata intervals with thrusters, or on a bike, while running, or with just about any exercise. It's a quick way to increase your aerobic strength, but if you're still wondering, "Why Tabata intervals?" then just click on those two links.


  1. Interesting; I'd never heard of the word Tabata to describe them. At first I read that as 20 "minutes" followed by 10 seconds and I thought well that sure isn't much of a break!

  2. I don't think that would be possible!!

  3. Well, it would be impossible for ME to do 20 minutes of thrusters. Unless I used really light weights! = )


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