4.28 Miles with Some Hills

My splits for today's four mile run outside were like a see-saw - 9:57, 10:12, 9:57, 10:14/mi. The 91% humidity was all that I could think of. I tried to think of something else and then I felt my sweaty bangs hit my forehead and the sweat drip down my face. I hoped it wouldn't make it's way into my eyes.

I was very surprised to feel better just before I hit the fourth mile. I analyzed it to death, but I think the reason is just that the wind picked up.

I came home and grabbed some cold yogurt and a small banana. I wasn't hungry, but I wanted to eat before I felt sick - feeling a little nervous that I'd feel sick after such a hot run, but I never felt bad after all. I stood there scarfing my food down and dripping on our new kitchen tile (thanks to repairs after September's Hurricane Ike).

I saw the treadmill and remembered that I wasn't done running yet. I twittered my hubby and threw my shoes back on.

Hillwork: 6 x 10 seconds @ 6% incline @ 6mph (with the fan on super-high!) w/active recovery

Pre-run: waffle with not-enough-syrup and milk
Post-run: You know already!
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11 (a new pair of tried and true shoes)

Have a good one!


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