5K Training Plan for Week of 5/25

It was nice to see the US flags flying this morning while I was on my four mile run. I didn't see anybody else on the roads so it was like having my own personal running trail.

On the fourth of July, (about six weeks from now) I hope to run in a 5K race. Here's my tentative training plan for this week:
Monday - Easy Run:4mi
Tuesday - 6-8mi run
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Easy Run: 5 mi w/hills
Friday - Speedwork: 5 mi, inc. 3x800m in 3:46 (maybe!) w/400m active recovery
Saturday - Easy Run: 4mi
Sunday - Rest
24-26 miles total

Pre-run: banana bread
Post-run: orange juice
Shoes: Asics Landreth 4


  1. Wow...that looks alot like my schedule for this week! Except I won't be doing my 800's quite that fast. Actually...I won't be doing 800's at all since my 5k is Saturday morning and I don't want to fatigue my legs. Maybe just do a run with a few pick-ups in the middle miles...

  2. Here's hoping you have a great race Saturday!


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