An Easier Easy Run

Today's run really was easier than yesterday. I only ran 3 miles and it was ten degrees cooler today (60 degrees). That helped, but I feel a little better today than yesterday, too - less sniffly and my cough isn't as bad. My average pace was closer to normal at 10:01.

Our house will be for sale soon so I've got moving on my mind. It's been nice to just step out the door and run, to wave at the neighbors, and to only share the road with an occasional car. I'll miss running here.

Of course, there will be other places to run, maybe even better places, but it's good to notice the good around you when you've got it.

Pre-run: toast and orange juice
Post-run: an egg and bacon and more o.j.
Shoes: Asics Landreth 4


  1. I was SO tempted to run this morning, just to enjoy the cooler temps! But I raced 4 miles and then ran 4.4 more miles on Saturday and then ran another 6 miles on Sunday with Faithy so I knew I needed a rest day.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's run though = )

    SOOOO glad you're feeling better!! Have you told us yet where you're moving to? Email me if you don't want to share on here... we have lots of nice homes for sale in Bear Creek...hint hint hint HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. You raced four miles? How did the race go? You didn't blog about it yet!

    We're moving closer to Houston. We don't know where yet - keeps things interesting!


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